LG Mobiles Price List in India

There are 194 LG Mobiles. The costliest LG Mobiles is LG V20 32GB 4GB priced at Rs.60000. LG GB105 is the cheapest Mobiles at only Rs.999. The latest LG Mobiles added to the list is LG K3 with price Rs.3990.
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Price: Rs.35990
LG X Screen K500I 16GB

Price: Rs.11989
LG Google Nexus 5

Price: Rs.12599
LG Google Nexus 5 32GB

Price: Rs.14500
LG K10 2GB

Price: Rs.10499
LG Stylus 2 Plus 16GB

Price: Rs.17990
LG X Power

Price: Rs.11999
LG G4 Dual Sim

Price: Rs.25999
LG K332 K7

Price: Rs.7899
LG G3 Beat

Price: Rs.12980
LG L Bello

Price: Rs.9990
LG G3 Stylus

Price: Rs.9490
LG G3 32GB

Price: Rs.24990
LG L70

Price: Rs.7200
LG Spirit

Price: Rs.7999
LG G4 Stylus 4G

Price: Rs.10990
LG G2 32GB

Price: Rs.17990

Price: Rs.19100
LG G Pro Lite Dual D686

Price: Rs.14999
LG X Cam (LGK580Y)

Price: Rs.14990
LG Magna H502F

Price: Rs.7699
LG Stylus 2 2GB

Price: Rs.14999
LG L60

Price: Rs.4999
LG Optimus L4 II E445

Price: Rs.3599
LG Stylus 2

Price: Rs.14899
LG G Flex2 16GB 2GB

Price: Rs.27990
LG L60i

Price: Rs.6795
LG Spirit 4G

Price: Rs.8400
LG L80 Dual

Price: Rs.10100

Price: Rs.29990
LG G4 Stylus 4G VoLTE

Price: Rs.11999
LG T325

Price: Rs.3995
LG L90

Price: Rs.17999
LG Max

Price: Rs.6499
LG Optimus P970

Price: Rs.5999

Price: Rs.45699
LG V20 32GB 4GB

Price: Rs.60000
LG Optimus L7 II P713

Price: Rs.12500
LG Optimus L9

Price: Rs.6888
LG G3 Beat Dual Sim

Price: Rs.14999
LG Optimus L7 II P715

Price: Rs.6500
LG Tributes LS660

Price: Rs.8999
LG V20 64GB 4GB

Price: Rs.54490
LG G Flex2 32GB 3GB

Price: Rs.54200
LG Google Nexus 5X 32GB

Price: Rs.36000
LG F60

Price: Rs.34990
LG G Flex

Price: Rs.32000
LG Optimus L5 E615

Price: Rs.8500
LG Optimus G E975

Price: Rs.8499
LG L Fino

Price: Rs.10550

Check LG Mobiles Price List In India. The above prices are the best prices and cheapest price for LG Mobiles in India across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Kolkatta, Hyderabad, Cochin, Jaipur, Patna, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Lukcnow, Nagpur, Surat, Indore, Agra, Thane etc. The Prices of LG Mobiles change regularly and this pricelist is updated daily.